“Owning your Divine magnificence is the key to successfully winning from within” -Innerquote

It took a broken foot for me to realize I had stayed too long

carme-white-janakIt was our first beautiful Spring day in March 2010. I was on my way to work. I put on one of my favorite pairs of sandals and was headed out the door. My arms were filled by my briefcase, my handbag and a box. I said goodbye to my son, who was sleeping on the sofa and closed the door. I stepped down off of our porch and my foot tangled itself in the cuff of my pants. I fell hard and everything I held sprawled over the yard.

My entire body has just been slammed to the earth. Immediately I began to cry. I felt the pain of my injuries but there was a deeper pain so present it overshadowed my physical pain. I literally felt like I was hovering over my body while simultaneously experiencing myself have conscious thoughts. Was this my version of an out of body experience? Perhaps. Whatever it was it was definitely happening in me.

God Whispers…The Sound of Transformation

The whispers were no longer hushed but loud. I heard the painful sobs of a woman who had stayed too long. I felt my insider speak loudly where previously it only seemed to be audible to me. It spoke to me about the fact that I had remained employed in a job with no hope of advancement. I had no job security and I worked with people who barely tolerated my existence. I received a paycheck every two weeks from a position that diminished my gifts and frustrated my potential. I wanted to do the right thing. Be responsible like I was taught. To stay even though I hated my job. After all, who loved their job. Suck it up was the message I heard and rehearsed daily. C’mon, you have kids, bills, private school tuition. You have to suck it up cupcake and git’r done.

It took a broken foot for me to realize I had stayed too long. Ignoring God’s Whispers will only lead to extremely painful lessons that must be learned.

That Was the Day I Set Myself Free.

I could no longer ignore my soul’s request for freedom. It had been searching for what made it feel alive every day. I made a decision to release myself. It was not a popular decision. In fact, I wrestled with the idea every day. I was willing to take that battle on to free myself, my mind and what I believed my ministry to be.

I called our Corporate office spoke with our company President and resigned. I was free to live according to my values. I began to align myself with thoughts and ideas that flowed from the deepest wells of my soul. I answered my soul’s calling. I recalibrated my life to include My Assignment. Why I was here. It would no longer satisfy to live incongruent with my purpose for living. It had to match. it had to make soul sense.

The moment I came out of agreement with limitation and impossibility my light began to shine much brighter. I began to win from within. I knew I had been created with innate gifts that were given to be displayed in the world to serve others. To teach what I had learned and to do what I had been called to do with every breath in my being.

So, for the rest of my days I want to be in service to humanity calling forth the greatness that lives deep within. I want to help others define more accurately who they are, why they are here and what do they need to do to open themselves up to greater possibility.

Inspiring leaders to get clear so they can be everything they desire to be is breath to me.


I’m for YOU. I’m your coach, your guide, your mentor and your transformational concierge.

This work that I do is like breath to me. Its my responsibility to fulfill this mandate. Its my calling. Its why I’m here.  What I know for sure is when I guide others towards living their best lives my own life shines more brilliantly!

Are you ready for your Journey Inward?