Clarity Failure.

I have a confession to make. I have called myself The InnerClarity Specialist and have walked in clouded vision. How do we know to live with accuracy if the contrast does’nt exist. I’ve been out of Alignment. Yes, out of sync with my inner being that KNOWS not just believes I’m on assignment to bring clarity. I will no longer live beneath my inheritance. My inheritance calls me into Clarity. I had a choice to get out of alignment and a choice to step back into alignment. What Are You Choosing?

Clarity Is My Inheritance.

A knowing that living inside abundance of financial renumeration, friends, health, ideas, inspiration, amazing experiences, resilience and more. Someone just read that last line and said, “but you don’t know my situation or me.” I say to you that when has leaning into your problems ever brought solutions. After all, many of our tendencies, teachings, beliefs have been born out of generational fear, lack or an idea that its not for me. Not to mention, how our resistance to being in solution rather than problem focused causes our problems to remain. Are You Focusing On Your Problems Or Solutions?

What I know for sure is when I step outside of clarity and alignment with my Promise what follows has always been less than what my soul knows to be true.

Clarity=Alignment Works.

There’s a pathway already laid out for you that’s currently cued up with accuracy, intention and precision for your life. For my “church folk” Jeremiah 29:11 in The Message Bible proclaims…”I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” Can you come out of relationship with struggle?

Clarity Inspires.

Keep reaching for Clarity. Be Inspired. Not Worried. Take the path of least resistance with Grace & Ease. Worry will never lead to clarity.

Worry Is A Repellent To Clarity.

You’ve done enough worrying and it has never lead you to peace or clear thinking. Let Go of modalities that no longer work or serve you and step sure-footed into Clarity and Alignment. In addition, worry weighs heavily on your being. Clarity lifts and encourages you to step into greater.

Clarity* Alignment* Victory.

In essence, here are a few ways I error corrected… by tuning into prayer, meditation, wellness, locating youtube videos that inspired me and inspirational conversations that lifted me.

 More importantly,you’re on your way to your greatest days of increase in love, service, peace, joy, clarity and alignment.

In a word, allow my Confession and Error Correction give you permission To Align With Your Greatness. In other words, take my lesson and get back on track with living your best life.

Unapologetically Your InnerClarity Specialist #BeCloudedInYourThinkingNoMore

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