Same Is Not Sexy!

Same Is Not Sexy!

Sitting in my favorite hair salon, Redz  owned by an incredibly awesome fashionista, sisterfriend Kenya Carter, I came across this tag line while skimming through a popular magazine,“Same Is Not Sexy.”

At first glance, I’m tickled at how God, The Universe has captured what my mama has been saying all of my life. My mama did not use these words but her point arrived at the same destination…be your unique, powerful self. That’s where your juice is.

How do you see the world? Our profoundly differing global perspectives may vary from our neighbors or friends but it’s precisely that difference which makes us necessary. What my mama did for me by insisting that I create my own style, make my voice count and run in the other direction from every form of cookie-cutter mentality was one of her greatest gifts to me. Actually, both of my parents endowed me with that precious gift which continues to be one of my bedrocks today. Being your wonderful, unique self is ENOUGH!

What is Sexy Beyond Sexy?

Knowing your significance, executing your purpose with full awareness that you’re a gift to the world. Stretching forward into your Beingness without apology. Confidently moving in the direction of your manifested destiny. Knowing why you are here. Knowing your value as an original. Knowing deep within your knower as my Nana would say that you matter. Your originality is so necessary that your Creator chose not to mass-produce anything that was created. Everything that was made was called good and very good. So, it is insulting to even momentarily shrink back in sameness. Not only is same not sexy but out of order with your assignment to stand inside of your Greatness.

When we are bold in our YES we stand powerfully embracing our commitment to living by design rather than merely by default.  We S-T-R-E-T-C-H beyond our reach to locate our un-common path, the road less traveled. When we’re open to living by design there’s no room for sameness or living among a sea of beige. Baby, it’s all about being red-hot, fiery, bizness as a bad ass! This is your cue to turn up! Your time is now.

Come on, you can do it.

I believe in you. You were made to be undeniably unexcelled, uncomparable, unsurpassable, untrumped or trounced by anyone. No one, absolutely no one is better equipped at being you than you. Get Up. The world deserves to experience you as you. I refuse to do it alone. Are you with me? Let’s do this together. Sounding together but not the same. Wonderfully orchestrated to be our beautiful, unique, valuable, necessary selves. Why? Because Sameness is not Sexy!

Shine Brilliantly, Dance Without Apology and Live Clearly in Abundance embracing your Journey as it unfolds.


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