I Speak to Inspire

My audiences are empowered to make clear choices leading them to live extraordinary lives.

I have spoken all across the country from the company board room to the church pulpit. My message has the ability to inspire individuals from all walks of life. I have a penchant for incorporating my life experiences, comedic timing, and storytelling skills to uplift, encourage and unapologetically move audiences to take action. As I bring my authentic and transparent self to each speaking engagement, the audience is propelled to live their best life.  To me, this is always a
win- win as lives are transformed and I fulfill my calling. That is a winning recipe!

I recognize the power of captivating an audience.

carmen-janak-speakingI remember as a little girl giving a speech at church. I was not the kid who froze from having all eyes on me; in fact, I learned how powerful words are. I discovered I had been given a special gift. I now choose to take my gift of speaking sharing it with some of the most incredible people on the planet.

I’m keenly aware of the importance of connecting with audiences giving them practical takeaways.


Carmen has the right words for the right crowd for every moment. Carmen talks about taking  FEAR in one hand along with COURAGE, How to use Failing experiences as a launching pad to Success,Transforming your Life…Ordinary to Extraordinary, What happens when you hide your gifts?  Carmen details every speech to her audience. Your audience will leave Inner-gized,Impacted and Ignited.

What you can expect:

If you book me to speak at your event, here’s what you can expect:

  • Prompt response to your email and telephone correspondence.
  • Personal consultation before the event to ensure I understand what you want.
  • Promotion of your event on my blog and social media channels.
  • Excellent delivery full of humor, anecdotes, challenges, and conversational tone.
  • Immediate follow-up after the event for feedback.
  • Event Goal understanding who your audience is and what you want their take away to be

Regular speaking topics

I speak on a variety of topics; here are some of the most common ones:

  • What’s Hiding In Your Lingerie Drawer? (Exploring how we keep our gifts hidden)
  • Sleeping Next To Genius (Understanding how we overlook our support)
  • Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Now (Knowing the Value of Your Voice)
  • Same Is Not Sexy (Owning your unique Magnificence)
  • Winning from Within (How to turn your Misery into Your Message)

Utilize Carmen as your banquet speaker, workshop training, company meetings, conferences or conventions, awards programs, or anywhere your audience needs to be empowered. Customized to fit your organization’s objectives.