{#Still Winning}Winners are more than losers. They are ordinary people who have committed their lives to doing extraordinary things. Challenges nor obstacles keep them from reaching their goals. Winners acknowledge challenges but they do not allow those detours to overtake them. Winners are patient and curious about discovering what makes them unstoppable. They ask questions like: “What makes me stay in motion, activated, moving?”  “How do I navigate in my night season when confusion tries to cloud my vision?””What’s my motivation?””What is my why?”Every winner has to answer these questions. Here’s my encouragement, these answers are within you. Be courageous and take the Journey Inward. There is an infinite power, an unrepeatable miracle, an unrelenting spirit inside of you that calls you forward. You might be in denial, delay, or deflated by some circumstance or opinion but what I know for sure is that power exists within you.  That power may be untapped or perhaps even hidden but I know it exists. Your appearance on this planet represents your “Not Doneness!” (Yes, I just introduced you to my new phrase “not doneness.”)You have appeared at this time in your story to do more than take up space. You beloved, have been given life, breath, activity to function to bring clarity to your purpose. I’m here to tell you that after everything you’ve been through, going through and will encounter, none of it compares to your great reward of living inside your Purpose. You Matter. You Count. Winners prepare to win, winners study other winners and winners play to win.  Winners make the mental leap and increase their emotional intelligence to help secure their winning strategy. Winners increase their psychological stamina by expanding their capacity beyond where they’ve already been. Winners believe, imagination is creation. If I can think it up, I can think it down. Les Brown, reknowned motivational speaker says, “If we can invest in our imagination over rehearsing our memory-the way its always been will change.”  Tell yourself until your belief begins to shift into a “knowing”, a greater Possibility of you believing, “I Am a WINNER.” So, when setbacks come to your dream, your goal has an anchor that will maintain your winning edge. I know you’ve lost before because, so have I. I am a leader who is not afraid to reveal my scares, bruises, or skinned knees. I am a leader who’s willing to show you my disappointment, show you my missteps and still challenge you to rise above it all. We all need someone who’s ten steps ahead of us to help us navigate around, over or through rough terrain and demand that we don’t give up.You’ve Got This!You Are Worthy! Miracles don’t just happen. Marianne Williamson calls a miracle “a shift in perception. Commit your life, your business and your ministry to shifting, adjusting and error-correcting and watch your Winning Edge sky  rocket. I believe in you. #StillWinning

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