The Greatest Challenge of Letting Go

The Greatest Challenge of Letting Go

When I let go of what I am I become what I might be. – Lao Tzu

Letting go is one of the most challenging but necessary acts of every human being who chooses to elevate above mediocrity.

We often choose to tightly grip words and seemingly velcro them to our being.  Such words may originate in our own spirit or may be attached to us by those that we love.  These defining vocabulary provide a finite limit to our potential and  and sabotage our future.  This language of resistance misrepresents our true essence and is the direct causation that result in our failures to grasp our divine purpose and potential.

The Language of Resistance

With some regularity, the language of resistance lies dormant and activates in the times of opportunity just as we are attempting to move forward in the next plain of our development.  Often this resistance is allowed to ferment in our spirit because somewhere in our being, we lack trust in ourselves.  Our absence of self-trust creates in us an unhealthy need for artificially rigid and constricted living.  We limit who we are by insisting on only seeking one way to reach our chosen destination.  If that destination is momentarily blocked by anything or anyone, our journey immediately is halted and the resistance has reigned victorious in our lives.

To remove the resistance, we must paradoxically be willing to gather every fragmented, disconnected and sometimes disillusioned language pieces in our life for review; and at the same time, we must let these words go free.  We must shift our self-perception by wrapping ourselves in self-love by freeing ourselves of the words of resistance.  When we speak such truth in love to ourselves, we expand our state of awareness and diminish the power of artificial constraints.  Releasing ourselves of resistance expands our hearts and minds and restores harmony, balance and freedom to our lives. We become yielded to natural and proper guidelines for our lives and, open to the Divine flow within our journeys.


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