#Winning from Within: The Necessary Ingredient

#Winning from Within: The Necessary Ingredient

Are you ready to play big?

2015 is a year of New Beginnings. Your destiny will not arrive without sacrifice or costs. You have to be prepared to meet Goliath every day and slay him daily. Finding your rhythm in life instead of pursuing balance is critical for your forward motion. You must activate the necessary ingredient to win from within.

Everyone has it.

There are 7 billion human beings on the planet and not one of us came here without it. It’s the thing that moves you, drives you, pushes you, and ignites you. It’s the thing that works when nothing else seems to. It’s what makes everything possible. There are times when all we are able to articulate is; it’s something within. It’s not unique to us on its own merit. What makes this thing unique is how we all use it. We all come here with it. It’s better than American Express. We never leave home without it. It travels well. It’s the place where all inventions, imagination, dreams, visions, creativity and mindfulness dwells.

We have within our possession the master key that unlocks our destiny. I call it the God-piece.

It’s your spiritual essence. The necessary ingredient required in manifesting ALL things. Winning from within is about living in Possibility. #Winning from Within: The Necessary Ingredient is an excerpt from my new book to be released in the spring.

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